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Testimony - Narcan Training

"Thought I might share some hope with you guys to start off your Monday morning. First off thank you guys for coming and bringing the Narcan training to the houses. I know the guys were very grateful. With that being said so am I...  I was on my way home on Saturday diving in Quincy when I saw a little bit of traffic on the street I was driving on. As I came to a stop I noticed a crowd of about 10  people standing around someone laying on the ground unresponsive, blue. I grabbed the Narcan that I keep in my truck, it’s sad to say that I usually assume that if someone is lying on the ground unresponsive and they fit a certain age bracket I assume they are overdosing ,but that is the world we live in today. On a positive note because of the training I received on Thursday (which I wasn’t trained before Thursday I just carried it) I administered the training and Narcan I received from you guys and went step by step. It was amazing how everything I heard you guys say was now repeating through my head!! Fortunately the person came to and began breathing just as the paramedics arrived. As you can imagine it was a very emotional thing to witness and be a part of So I really just wanted to reach out and say thank you. Thank you for doing what you do and taking the time out of your lives to do it and hopefully this story let’s everyone know you are making a difference and that you are literally saving lives."

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